Ergonomics here is more about learning with more fun and energy.

When sitting at the desk, the primary concern is for ergonomics sitting, which is the naturally appropriate position, one that is relaxed and therefore helps concentration while preventing postural damage, backache and headache.

Growing with your child

Chair and desk must fit like shoes! Our growing chair and desk can help your child sit and stand in the ergonomically position during the period of primary school.

The basics of ergonomics sitting

There's no such thing as "right" or "wrong" sitting. The only thing that matters is changing position regularly. It must be possible to adjust the learning area to the child's height and proportions.

  • The lower legs should be vertical to the floor, the thighs horizontal
  • The thighs should be in contact with the front edge of the seat
  • The lower arms should rest on the desktop so that the neck muscles remain relaxed
  • The height of the backrest is set so that the trunk is supported all the way up to just below the shoulder blades.
  • There should be ample space for the legs
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