Capri Blue

Children's healthy desk & chair

Creating your favourite learning environment with FunDesk's healthy desk & chair. Desk and chair are both height adjustable so they grow as you grow. Simply raise desk and chair to match the height of the child to the right level. The desktop with gas-lift mechanism tilt downward is easy and safe for children. Measurement scale to set the desk and chair to suit the child's height. The large storage drawer underneath the desktop provides ample room for storing books and stationery

Large storage drawer & Desktop with gas-lift mechanism

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Product Name:Children Desk & Chair Set
By Function:Fixed Desktop
Desktop Pattern:Split Desktop
Material:E1 MDF/ABS+PP/Cold-rolled Steel
Desktop Thickness:18mm
Available Color:Blue/Pink/Green
Product Size:Desk 705 x 545 x 540-760mm
Desktop Size:705X545 mm
Tilting Desktop Size:705X373 mm
Storage Pattern:Plastic Container
Desk Height Range:540-760mm
Desk Height Adjusting Mechanism:Manual Lifting
Chair Height Range:300-440mm
Chair Height Adjusting Mechanism:Manual Lifting
Table Bases:Adjustable
Desktop Tilting Range:0°/6.5°
Desktop Tilting Mechanism:NO
Schoolbag Hook:YES
Elbow Support:YES
Book Holder:Included
Cup Holder:Included
LED Lamp:Optional

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